with Smappee Commercial Charging

Why Smappee?

Discover the benefits of choosing Smappee EV Charging for your electric vehicle charging needs. With Smappee’s cutting-edge smart charging solutions, you not only secure an advanced EV charging system but gain instant access to Smappee’s comprehensive charging management platform. Designed to streamline every aspect of electric vehicle charging, the Smappee Dashboard boasts a myriad of features tailored to efficiently manage and operate your EV charging stations or EV charging square.

Delve into detailed insights on EV charging sessions, revenue generated by each EV charging point, and the extent to which solar power fuels your vehicles. Take control with the ability to implement priority charging, set tariffs, and seamlessly manage your EV charging stations beyond office hours. The Smappee Dashboard goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to monitor the real-time status of all your EV charging points and resolve issues remotely with unmatched ease.

But that’s not all – Smappee’s e-mobility services offer an all-encompassing solution, catering to your every need. From split billing to CPO (Charge Point Operator) services and e-MSP (e-Mobility Service Provider) support, we provide a comprehensive suite of features to elevate your EV charging experience. Choose Smappee for innovation, efficiency, and a future-ready approach to electric vehicle charging.

Charging capacity up 22KW (3 Phase)

Faster charging with DC Charging stations

Dynamic load balancing

Solar and tariff optimisation

EV One 22 kW Floor mounted 1 Socket

EV Wall 22 kW Wall mounted 1 Socket or charging cable

EV Base 22 kW Floor mounted 2 sockets or charging cables

EV Ultra DC  80 | 200 kW Floor mounted 1 charging cable



EV Charging Ireland are certified partners of Smappee and will safely install according to regulations and our guidelines.

Swipe and charge with RFID charge cards

Scan and charge and pay directly

Optimised solar and off peak charging

Set Multiple rates

Split billing: Reimburse your employees for home EV charging 

Smappee Services: Benefit from Smappee e MSP and CPO services 

In-depth data on EV charging sessions, costs, building energy usage

Set charging options according to your driving needs

Smappee Infinity: Smart home/building energy management (extra)

Streamline billing & pricing with your users

Discover profits and losses and increase your charging revenue

Smappee EV home charger ireland

Smappee EV commercial charging solutions are:

Scalable Easily connect multiple EV chargers and manage your ChargePoint network. Your EV charging infrastructure can grow as your business grows.

Compatible Smappee EV chargers are available in type 2 (compatible with all electric vehicles) charging cables with a variety of power supplies to meet your parking’s electric installation requirements.

Durable Smappee EV chargers are water and dust resistant with IP54 and IK08 protection ratings, allowing safe indoor and outdoor installation.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, they are built to last and are covered by Smappee’s warranty.

Efficient Load Management Customize the charger’s energy consumption with load management solutions so you don’t exceed your premise’s power capacity and avoid unexpectedly high energy costs.

Connected Smappee offer different connectivity options so you can control your EV chargers remotely from any computer or smart device

Are you eligible for the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant?


The SEAI scheme provides a grant up to the value of €300 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charge point for a homeowners property. For more information click here.

Eligibility Checklist:
  • The Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), which you can find on your electricity bill, will be used to confirm the location of your home.
  • You must have dedicated off-street parking
  • The property can not be associated with a previous EV vehicle grant and charge point offer. Additionally, it cannot have availed of the free ESB Ecars home charger pre 2018.
  • Do not commence any work before the start date on your Letter of Offer otherwise this expenditure will be deemed ineligible and you will not receive grant support for it.
  • You have 6 months from the date on the SEAI Letter of Offer, which will be emailed to you, to complete your installation and return your Payment Request Form to SEAI with all associated evidence whole and complete – Cert 3, Test Record, photo of installation, invoice from electrician.