Power your business to a greener future

with EO Commercial Charging

Why EO commercial?

Transition to the electric vehicle journey with the EO Cloud software in conjunction with the EO Genius smart charging stations to power your business to a greener future. Monitor energy usage, set load managements, link home and work charging, set pricing, contactless payment for on the go EV charging and generate revenue. For every size of business we have the EV charging solution perfect for your needs.

Partnering with EO Charging, a British designer and manufacturer of smart electric vehicle charging stations and intelligent software for homes, workplaces, commercial fleets and destinations. With an established customer base globally with UBER, Kia Hong Kong, Mitsubishi Italy, EDF Energy, Sainsbury’s, to name but a few as well as local authorities, logistics companies and residential developers.

The benefits of electric vehicles go beyond environmental impact. Lower running costs and impressive brand imagery illustrating your business vision to support a cleaner and brighter future.



For Commercial, Fleet, Destination & Residential charging

Smart electric vehicle charger for charging up at work and in public locations.  Via the EO Cloud allows fleet managers and businesses to access a tailored fleet management program.  Monitor all aspects and control of your charging infrastructure.

Add the award-winning EO Hub to the EO Genius charger, connect up to 32 EO Genius chargers enabling fleet smart, cost-effective and scalable charging solutions to EV drivers, fleet managers and businesses.

Compatible with all commercial plug-in vehicles

Power Ratings: Up to 22kW

Smart charging capabilities with EO Hub

3-year product warranty

Add EO Hub for communications with EO Cloud for smart charging and billing

RFID compatible

Unique wall plate connector, wall or post mounted (optional)

Dimensions: h: 360mm, w: 165mm, d: 155mm

Colours: white & black



Simply connect the award-winning EO Hub to the EO Genius charger – Can connect up to 32 EO Genius chargers enabling fleet smart, cost-effective and scalable charging solutions to EV drivers, fleet managers and businesses. Using the EO Cloud monitor on-site energy usage, schedule charging and billing.

Connect up to 32 EO Genius charging points per EO Hub

Modular approach for smart charging

Active Load Management (ALM)

Charge scheduling for electric fleet vehicles

Smart grid integration

Energy usage reporting

Set pricing and generate revenue



for EO Genius


Providing internet connection to your other myenergi devices making them ‘smart’. The hub and app work together to remotely control and monitor your products from anywhere in the world! The hub also allows you to carry out firmware updates to keep your myenergi products equip with all the latest features in this rapidly growing industry.

Full control of charging infrastructure & restrict access

Monitor electricity consumption across all chargers

Energy usage reporting

Set load management requirements

Set pricing and generate revenue

Link home & work charging to record benefit-in-kind tax

3-year product warranty



Destination & Commercial EV Charging

The EO Basic is perfect for smaller enterprises of 1-3 charging stations.  A slow and fast charging station designed for home, workplaces & destinations without integrated software.

Compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands

Power Ratings: 3.6kW, 7kW, 11kW, 22kW

3 year product warranty

EO ALM automatic load management (option)

Unique wall plate connector for deployment and future upgrade

Wall or post mounted with EO post

Colours: White

Dimensions: H 360mm x W165m x D 155mm



(Automatic Load Management) for Non-Smart EO Chargers

The ALM can be used in conjunction with up to 6 EO Mini and Basic chargers to control and prioritise EV charging.

Can connect up to 6 EO Mini or EO Basic chargers

Regulates the chargers to ensure the power never exceeds the home’s supply limit

Providing load management (ALM) for the EO Mini and EO Basic chargers

Two modes of operation: Priority charging and distribution mode (even distribution of available current to all connected vehicles)

Are you eligible for the Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant?

The SEAI scheme provides a grant up to the value of €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charge point for a homeowners property. The applicant must be the owner of an eligible new or second-hand electric vehicle. For more information click here.

Eligibility Checklist:
  • You must be a private owner who bought an eligible EV from 01/01/2018
  • You must have dedicated off-street parking
  • The property can not be associated with a previous EV vehicle grant and charge point offer.
  • The vehicle has to be registered to the applicant and to the address of the property where the home charger is being installed (unless this is a Company Vehicle application)