The EO Mini Pro 2 is designed for the space and energy conscious driver. Perfect for EV owners who are looking for a small and discreet charging unit. The EO Mini is compatible with all electric vehicle brands.

Small in size, big in power

Powering your vehicle towards a greener future has never been easier using the functional and easy to use EO EV charging range.  The SEAI  is offering a €600 grant towards the purchase and installation of a home EV charger unit.

Taking the path to reduce your carbon footprint for a cleaner and brighter future.

EO Mini Pro 2

Small, stylish, discreet yet powerful! The EO Mini Pro 2 is smart, safe, reliable EV charger, power balancing capability to avoid overloading electrical supply, solar capabilities available as optional extra and compatible with all electric vehicles. For today’s EV drivers, start, stop and schedule charging your EV with the EO Smart Home App. The EO Mini Pro 2 does not come with a locking socket but you can configure it to only charge during certain time periods and prevent others from using your charger when your car isn’t plugged in. To do so, simply set a ‘Scheduled Charging’ using the ‘EO Smart Home’ app.

  • Solar matching capabilities & load management (optional extras)
  • Monitor energy usage and set charging schedules
  • SEAI approved: Home electric car charger grant
  • Compact size: 175mm (H) x 125m (W) x 125mm (D)
  • Ready for any EV – suitable for the EVs of today and tomorrow
  • Power ratings: up to 7.2kW
  • Universal socket (untethered)
  • Tethered (Type 2) 5m charging cable
  • 3-year product warranty
  • Conforms to international safety standards
  • Available colours: Black, silver, white & blue.
  • Tethered option: Black only

Colours: white/black/silver/red/blue

Dimensions: H 175mm x W 125mm x D 95mm

EO Basic

The EO Basic is perfect for the everyday electric vehicle driver.  Designed for home, workplaces & destinations.

  • Compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands
  • Power Ratings:3.6kW, 7kW, 11kW, 22kW
  • 3 year product warranty
  • EO ALM automatic load management (option)
  • SEAI grant approved

Colours: White/Black

Dimensions: H 360mm x W 165m x D 155mm

EO Basic
EO Basic 2

EO App

EO Mobile AppWith the EO app make it easy to charge your car from home, work or on the go.

  • Start, stop & schedule charge
  • Monitor and manage energy usage
  • Smart charging & integrated time of use tariff
  • Charge with solar energy

Smart grid controlled by aggregation partner


EO charging cable

  • Premium specification EO charging cable for improved performance, reliability & longevity.

EO charger mount

  • Have your EO charger mounted on a bespoke stainless steel post either forward facing or two back to back.