Zappi is a smart EV (electric vehicle) charger with a difference and will charge any electic vehicle or hybrid.  Not only does it operate as a traditional EV charger, it can also charge your EV using 100% free energy generated from your solar PV or wind generation.

It comes with a charging cable attached (tethered) or unattached (untethered).  It comes with 3 charging modes: ECO, ECO+ and FAST charge.  The eco modes are using solar or wind generated energy.  The zappy has advanced integral safety features, saving time and money on the installation process.

Set to charge at night time rates if you have this facility set up with your electricity provider.  All controllable by using the myenergi app.

If you don’t have a PV system you can use the Zappi as a traditional EV charger.  You can add solar PV or wind generated energy at a later stage and there is no additional parts or labour involved, just simply connect to the Zappi.

Why the Zappi EV Charger is so good!

The Zappi eco-smart EV charger manufactured by myenergi in the UK has won multiple awards and accolades.

The Zappi won its first award, ‘Product of the Future’  at the The Energy Show 2017 in Dublin.

EV charging from surplus solar or wind generation or simply use as a traditional EV charger

  • Multi-award winning eco-smart EV charger.
  • Charge your EV with your PV.
  • Smart, Safe & Quick
  • Solar charging
  • Tethered or untethered
  • No earth rod required
  • Easy install
  • Monitoring App to control and view charging
  • SEAI grant approved
  • Harvi – Patented technology is the only one of its kind
  • Compatible with our electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle brands
  • 3 year warranty


The harvi is an essential part of the installation process if you want to save time and money. It has many great qualities including eliminating unsightly wiring around the home. This intelligent device enables the products to be installed without using a hardwired current transformer. The harvi prevents the need to lift up floors and disrupt home decor. It’s patented technology is the only one of its kind, harvesting it’s own power from the CT clamps, removing the need for batteries or an external power supply. Harvi makes every install quick and easy.

The harvi device is clerer as it enables the zappi and eddi products to be installed without using a wired current transformer (CT) for measuring the grid and or generation power; instead the CT is connected to harvi. No power source is needed for harvi and the energy from the CT is harvested and used to transmit the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi. This means batteries or electrical wiring are not required at all.


EDDI Eco-Smar Energy Diverter

eddi is an eco-smart energy management system, it diverts surplus power from solar PV or wind generation to a designated heating appliance (or two sequentially). This excess energy will go directly to a designated appliance such as an immersion heater. eddi allows you to stop exporting energy back to the grid & saves you money on your energy bill.

Hub & App

Providing internet connection to your other myenergi devices making them ‘smart’. The hub and app work together to remotely control and monitor your products from anywhere in the world! The hub also allows you to carry out firmware updates to keep your myenergi products equip with all the latest features in this rapidly growing industry.

  • Remotely control & monitor your myenergi devices
  • Access to the latest firmware updates
  • Status LEDs – show if energy is being diverted by your Myenergi products
  • Will support time of use tariffs in the near future.
  • Comes with an ethernet cable
  • Comes with mains power supply
Zappi Mobile App
Zappi White

The smartest & safest electric vehicle charger on the market

How much will this cost?

A site survey will be conducted to determine the full installation cost.

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CT Clamp (CURRENT Transformer)

zappi & eddi come with one wired CT clamp as standard.

The 22kW 3-phases zappi come with 3 CTs as standard.

If you would like to see real-time generation from your solar/wind system displayed on the LCD display of your product. You’ll need an additional CT. (additional option)

In some cases, extra CT clamps are required i.e for 3 phase installs.

The CT comes with a 5m cable.  If a longer cable is required it can be extended using CAT5 Ethernet cable or why not consider using the myenergi harvi to connect the CT over wireless?

CT Clamp

Free Onsite Survey

A free on-site survey is carried out to all customers. No installation will be completed until a site survey has occurred to determine any potential hazards, to ensure you get an accurate quotation and that you are clear of how the charger is going to be installed. We comply with all current regulations and all installations are carried out by our fully qualified and certified electricians who have undergone specialised electric vehicle charging training.   Our top priority for EV charging is safety and compliance.  Expert knowledge of your home or business electrical system is required for all EV charging installations and we will ensure your electrical supply is safe and in line with current regulations and that the EV charger is certified also

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